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          Welcome“JIAOZUO XINHENG HEAVY INDUSTRY MACHINE CO., LTD”The Official Website!

          Xin Heng Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
          Xin Heng Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.




          EMAIL: jzxhzg@jzxinheng.com

          FAX: +86-391-3955000

          ADDRESS:No. 827 Jiefang Dong Road, Macun District, Jiaozuo city, Henan province, China.

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          Xin Heng Group is a high-tech enterprise R & D, production, sales, installation and material transport system engineering. The group owns: Jiaozuo Xin Heng Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiaozuo Xin Heng Electrical Installation Engineering Co. Ltd, Jiaozuo Bang Xin trade Co. Ltd。

            Jiaozuo Xin Heng Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production of belt conveyor professional manufacturers. Registered capital of 108 million yuan. Company covers an area of 80,000 square meters, of which construction area of 26,000 square meters, more than 480 employees, including Dr. 2, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 87 people, with eight senior titles, intermediate grade 37. With all kinds of production equipment more than 380 Taiwan, the annual production of roller 600,000, the total industrial output value of 1.2 billion. The company specializes in the production of equipment to ensure the implementation of advanced technology, with roller production line, drum production line, steel pretreatment line, roller automatic spraying line, but also according to the processing of special technical requirements, independent research and development of some special equipment, Domestic advanced roller laboratory, metallographic analysis room, mechanical performance laboratory, roller static balance test bed and other testing equipment.

            As a special belt conveyor manufacture, our company according to ISO9001:2000 < Design, production, installation and service quality assurance>edit the quality assurance and handbook,  effective implementation of the quality certification, and through authentication, coal, electricity and ensure certification company manufacturing products in the use of advanced technology, reliable performance, customer satisfaction.; Our company has rich experience in training a batch of scientific research, the design, the manufacturing process, the aspects of professional and technical personnel and based on customer demand for belt conveyor series design, providing our clients professional design solutions to meet customer requirements and design for the customer provides the technical renovation, our company has a complete quality inspection system, strict management program.

            Our company based on belt conveyor in the research, development, manufacture, we are trust and praise in product performance and quality and service by users. Relying on professional manufacturing equipment, to create the excellent brand, also undertake all kinds of mechanical products processing and manufacturing. Companies with strict management system, strong technical force, excellent equipment and rich manufacturing experience, continuously improve product performance, reliable quality, superior quality, sincere service for our customers.

            Main Products

            1.TD75 Type fixed belt conveyor B=500-1400mm which is common belt , belt strength 56kg/cm.layer

            2.DX Type steel cord conveyor B=800-2200mm  which is steel cord belt, belt strength 650-4000kg/cm.layer

            3. Strength belt conveyor B=500-2200mm which is NN belt, belt strength150-300kg/cm.layer

            4.DTⅡ、DTⅡA Type belt conveyorB=500-1400mm。

            5.All series mine belt conveyor such as DTL-120、DTL-100、DTL-80、DTL-65、DSJ-120、DSJ-100、DSJ-80、DSJ-65 and etc.

            6.Elevator and screw conveyor.

            7.Big-incline belt conveyor B=500-1200mm.

            8.DY type mobile belt conveyor B=500-800mm.

            9.Pipe conveyor D=100-850mm.

            10. Vibrating screen.

            11.Belt conveyor relative equipments

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            Management Principle

            Jiaozuo Xinheng adhering to the "quality first, integrity-based, perfect service" business purpose, high-quality products, excellent service, and reasonable price and timely delivery,  ensure supply of parts “Three-excellent", “Three guarantee" is the management policy, we sincerely welcome every customer, honest to every suggestion, serious processing each detail to develop and satisfy customer needs and requirements of potential.