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            1 、 fixed belt conveyor  Fixed belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, power plants, building materials and other industri...

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            1 、 fixed belt conveyor

            Fixed belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, power plants, building materials and other industries. It is used for conveying bulk materials. The utility model has the advantages of high production efficiency, large conveying capacity, low energy consumption, continuous long distance transportation, stable and reliable operation, little noise, low pollution, simple structure and low operation cost, etc..

            2, the displacement type conveyor

            The general trend of the development of open-pit mining technology at home and abroad is the large-scale mining, continuous production, and modernization of equipment. With the worldwide open pit mining technology and equipment technology, mobile belt conveyor, the displacement type belt conveyer, semi displacement type belt conveyor is the main technical equipment in opencast mining, which is characterized by displacing the belt conveyor machine machine traction rail or skid realize the horizontal movement, and the the machine also has a large capacity, long distance transport, no fixed base etc..

            3 、 tubular conveyor

            The tubular belt conveyer can realize the bulk material closed, the environmental protection transportation, effectively avoids the leakage material, the sprinkling material, the dust, the sundries mixing, the rain and snow invasion and so on.

            The tubular belt conveyor can be divided into two types, one way feeding and two way feeding. Among them, one-way feeding can be divided into two types, one way tube forming and two pipe forming.

            With the continuous development of industrial technology, our company has always insisted on walking in the forefront of innovation, for many years in environmental protection transportation project invested a lot of, has a mature set with its own intellectual property rights and the patent of the pipe belt conveyor design and manufacturing capabilities, design and manufacture of phi 100 Phi 650 series products.

            4 、 long distance curved belt conveyor

            Long distance curved belt conveyor is a kind of belt conveyor that can realize plane turning with flat conveyer belt. It can also make vertical curve turn with plane angle, and form a space turn. By raising the inner curve of the conveyor belt, the centrifugal thrust is generated when the conveyor is running, so as to overcome the centripetal force of the belt tension caused by the turning, and ensure the turning operation of the conveyer belt. In order to avoid obstacles or unfavorable site run by the curved line, less or no intermediate station, so as to reduce the number of the destination device, the power supply system and the control system is more convenient, improve the reliability of safe operation of the system.

            5 、 telescopic conveyor

            The mobile telescopic conveyor developed by our company has the advantages of flexible movement, large telescopic stroke and large amplitude range, full use of space and multi-point discharge.

            6 、 corrugated belt conveyor

            A corrugated belt conveyor for conveying bulk materials, providing high quality and long term solutions for vertical transmission.

            Product features

            Convey bulk material with corrugated retaining strips;

            The belt is inclined to 90 degrees to save space;

            Protect and transport materials, not suitable for spreading;

            High lateral stability and longitudinal flexibility;


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